We are the world's biggest, oldest and most trusted crypto based shipping company.

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Our business has seen a stable, healthy and continuous growth of over 20% per year with no slowdown in sight. We are continuously working on increasing both our current business and our overall business holdings with several other projects in the works.

For years we have continuously worked on growing our business and increasing its sustainability by adding more carriers and more features. Today we feature the most privacy and user features giving us the biggest competitive edge and the highest sustainability rate in the industry.

We utilize industry-leading security and encryption techniques, putting the little amount of users' data that we have into the users' own hands to control and delete at will.

Current and future projects.

A non-custodial crypto payment gateway that will not require any KYC documents and will keep you in full control of your private keys.

A free/cheap and highly secure VPN service.

How it Works

We make it as easy as possible to get your share of our business. *With an average APR of 23%

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